Why I’m keeping my chest hair…

Good morning people…

I don’t usually blog during weekends. I write stuff but I don’t put it up cos my statistics show that ya’ll don’t really enjoy reading during weekends… it’s either that or you just prefer using the internet in your office…

So, what have I been up to? As usual, it’s been one job interview after another, but the most interesting thing that happened recently was my trip to Illorin. I actually went for a friend’s wedding, but in the process, I killed two birds with one stone. My Plan-C guy… or my former Plan-C guy stays in Illorin and we’ve been talking about me visiting for a while now, so it was a chance to see him as well.

It was a fun trip… but getting there was just horrible! No one warned me about how dusty it would be and there was no air-conditioning in the car. By the time I got to Illorin, I was covered in red sand, looking like a fat carrot. One of the passengers, a lady, is a regular with that line so she was very familiar with the driver. Because of that, we stopped for her to buy groundnuts, then stopped again for her to buy bread, then roasted plantain… and I lost count of the number of times she had to pee.

Naturally, the other passengers started getting very irritated and were complaining… I just sat there, thinking about how constipated she would be by the end of the day. Another reason I was quiet was that I was the only non-Yoruba person in the car. So, from Lagos to Illorin, all the gist was in Yoruba. I had my nose in a book the entire journey. A few times, they tried to rope me into the conversation, but then gave up eventually when it was obvious I wasn’t interested.

I don’t mind the Yoruba… I don’t mind when people speak it at all. We grew up with many Yoruba family friends so it’s nothing new. What I don’t get is why someone would just walk up to me, assume that I am Yoruba and start spitting Yoruba with rapid fire intensity. Ki lo de? Is it because I’m dark? I should probably start wearing v-neck shirts that expose my chest hair… that way, there’s no doubt that I’m a proud Igbo girl.


Anyway, Illorin turned out to be a pleasant surprise. It’s one of those places you hear about, and maybe read about, but it never occurs to you that it actually exists… or maybe it’s just me. I was shocked to discover that it’s a proper, nice little town with clean, fresh air and ridiculously cheap transportation!

My former Plan-C guy has a friend who has been trying to set P with me for a while now… so this friend was more than happy to take us out on Sunday. We all went to the zoo, just outside University of Illorin. I don’t know why it didn’t occur to me to take my camera along. I probably felt that I wasn’t going to see any wild animal that I haven’t seen in my neighbour’s back yard before… but boy was I wrong!!!

For the first time, I heard a real life lion’s roar… it was pretty impressive, but it was nothing compared to the time I told my mum that I was dropping out of Med school to become the first female member of The Wu Tang Clan.

The rest of my trip was spent drinking wine with fried meat… 😀

But, I missed my brother’s birthday… it was on Sunday, the 25th and I felt HORRIBLE about it. I’ve been thinking of ways to make it up to him… especially since he made my birthday a very special one.

Right now, I’m sitting at home, waiting for my friend who’s coming into town today. I’m so excited cos I haven’t seen her in almost a year.

I should go now. I just wanted to say hi… I’ll be back on here tomorrow for our “Happy New Month” post and I’ll be here again on Monday morning cos I’ve got something I want to show you guys. It’s a surprise 😉

Till then, have a lovely weekend…

25 thoughts on “Why I’m keeping my chest hair…

    • It took me a while to figure that out… I used to wonder where everyone went on weekends! And that’s why I always try to have something up on Monday mornings, so that we can all start the week together 😉

  1. We all aren’t cheapskates you know… We visit blogs on weekends too especially when the P we tried to set cancels at the last min *sigh* yorubas do that a lot especially the elderly. I always reply them in hausa, it pisses them ofF everytime *laughs*

    • Choi! My dear, I hate to break it to you, but that’s not last-minute-P-cancellation… it simply means some other dude reset your P settings and set his own settings harder…
      Meanwhile, you just gave me an idea… I’ll learn some sentences in Hausa (not Igbo) and speak Hausa the next time someone speaks to me in Yoruba.

      ps- You still haven’t told me how you know Obinna…

      • Well I hope they had fun, there’s always more P in the Sea but I guess its safe to say my P setting needs an upgrade. I’m guessing my ‘Special Weekend Getaway at mines’ line is getting played out. Any Pointers??? Maybe I should try taking her to the zoo too *wink*, at least reports show that they at least show up loll…. And I’ll make sure Bruno Mars Gorillaz is playing on the ride there, so she knows just where my heads at *hehehehehe*
        And yeah met Obinna through my manager so I guess u were right. We music related…..

        • There is more P in the sea, yes… but you’re not going to be setting anything if you keep using that line.
          lol @ at least reports show that they at least show up…
          And if she doubts where your head’s at, just go naked. Leaves no room for doubt 😉

  2. naughty you. ….chest hairs..
    if u like show dem hair in all parts of ya body….yoruba ppl will still rap dia language even in board meetings they inject yoruba….dey cant complete a sentence wif out adding yoruba..

    presently im in kano n hausa is d lingua franca….
    im totally lost.

    and i check ya blog regularly even on weekends sef. .i use a phone…..
    ba office internet…..my office is by my patient

    glad u had fun while u were in ilorin…i finished from unilorin…..

    • Your school is huge!!! What the hell are you guys doing with all that land???
      But yeah, I had a great time…
      And I’m not showing them any hair. I’ve decided to reply anyone who speaks Yoruba to me with Hausa!
      Hope the new job is going well…

  3. I’ve had a girl selling recharge card in front of my office speak Ibo with me for close to a year. One day, i told her I wasn’t Ibo. It was like a rude shock to her oh, seeing as I mumble a few kedu to her and pass…..i had a good laugh. who was that yabbing my love story. It’s very real oh, and yes……hehehehe it’s what I want jare. I’m thinking I know what your surprise is.

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