Happy BOMFOSL Day!!!

You know how we have the laws of The Ten Commandments; thou shall not kill, thou shall not steal, look not upon thine neighbour’s wife’s backside, etc…

We also have the laws of The Common Law system that we practise in Nigeria; thou shall not kill unless ye have a convoy, thou shall not steal except ye hold a public office, etc…

But then, who made all the other laws that we live by? Who decided what is acceptable or unacceptable in our various societies? Even after many years, I’m still asking; who invented school and made me go???

We all do things- like set goals and accomplish our goals, carry out specific tasks and even act in a certain way- for the same silly reason: OTHER PEOPLE!!!

We start at a young age to seek approval and validation from other people. Whether we choose to acknowledge it or not, our need for people to like us or approve of us is the biggest motivation behind a lot of the choices we make in life… it’s only natural.

I once dated a guy whose dad owned a lot of Psychology textbooks. That’s the closest I’ve ever gotten to a degree in Psychology so I’m not going to try to teach you how to let go of your need for approval and build a strong sense of self-acceptance. Do I look like Oprah to you?

No… I’m here today, to blame our mothers. THEY, I believe, are the root cause of this attitude.

If your mother was anything like mine, you grew up with the question “What will people say?” constantly hanging over your head. Don’t act like you don’t know what I mean…

Remember the time you wanted to be the first boy Girl Scout and your mum said, “My God! What will people say?”

Or the time you wanted to drop out of school to go on tour with that Christian stripper group (The Righteous Strippers) and she said, “My God! What will people say?”

How about the time you wanted to get a nipple ring to match your belly-button piercing and she said, “You have a belly-button piercing? My God! What have people said?!”

I’m looking back now and thinking of all the things I could’ve done with my life. And that’s why I have nothing but respect for these auto-tuned, skinny-jeans-wearing young boys who haven’t even started their periods yet but are successful in their field. I’m talking about the Davidos and the Wizkids and the Justin Biebers of the world. They had a dream, and as soon as they graduated from day-care, they pursued their dream… THEIR mothers never asked, “What will people say?”

So let’s dedicate today to the things that could have been… We’ll call it “Blame Our Mothers For Our Sucky Lives Day”. In fact, if you’re still in the exact same position next year and you’ve done absolutely nothing about achieving your dreams, then we can even make it an annual event. That way, people will continue to like us.

Here’s wishing all of us a happy Blame Our Mothers For Our Sucky Lives Day!!!



ps- Here’s another option: you can be true to yourself and to your values, and show consideration for those around you, then just go ahead and do whatever the hell you want to do!!!… Me, I’m going to get my Righteous Strippers Membership form 😉

23 thoughts on “Happy BOMFOSL Day!!!

  1. Ngozi! Ngozi!! Ngozi!!!n how many times did I call U? Ah ah! 🙂 I have to partially agree with u tho…who knows, I may have been a pilot if not for…

    • I wish I was wrong too… but it’s true. I’m so proud of you though cos you’re doing really well yourself. We still have a chance as back-up dancers and groupies right? 😉

    • Bongo my love, I totally get that… but times change. What if the elder has cataracts? And besides, we now have apps that now allow us see what the elder is seeing 🙂

      ps- LOL!! I just cracked myself up!

  2. I want to take this opportunity to apologize to Ngozi’s Mum, she’s just venting(like the blog says). I’d like to sincerely thank you checking the crazy lass on the Boy Girl Scout thing, just think all the very early first time sex that could have occurred on those scout camping trips…. U saved the kids Mama,.. and the Stripper club goes without saying. Don’t even trip, Ngozi was having a brain fart.

    • Apologize??!! Thanks to her, I still haven’t had the first time sex and my career as a stripper was ruined… just think of what I coulda done if there was a metal pole last night 😉

  3. Only mothers…. What about fathers? The ones that make you switch to Engineering when you wanted to do Mericine… Ok I digress….

  4. True talk Sister! Hmm.., who knows where my tutu would’ve got me if I was allowed to explore my dancing talent? As a kid, I must have won 18-20 dancing competitions, but…….em…. I had to go to school, be a lady (and all the moral stuff that follow), go to church….etc. well, I’m very happy where I am now, so….can’t complain :).

    • Haha! I can just imagine you in a tutu… a pink one! Yeah, I know where you are, and you’re not doing half bad! Besides, where would Marcel’s Photography be if you didn’t have those beautiful girls? 😉

  5. How ever did I miss this…..laughing the roof off! Your mum’s a sweet heart. Please no one let her see this…next thing you’ll blame her for the DSS van parked outside your house.

    • How could you have missed it??!!
      Yes, it’s all her fault… I know you’ll support her because she’s your aunty. I could have been the next Wizkid… look at me now!

      ps- *whispering* we’re supposed to act like we didn’t notice the DSS van outside the house.

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