Happy Birthday Nne!!!

Meanwhile, in lighter news, I’m happy cos it’s my big sister’s birthday!!!

As far as I’m concerned, she practically raised us (me and my brothers)… even though growing up with her wasn’t always easy because my parents used to act like the sun shone out of her ass. She was their first child and she could do no wrong in their eyes. She was polite, intelligent, obedient and very neat. In fact, if my dad was a carpenter and my mum a virgin, people woulda started to suspect that she was the black baby Jesus.

It was so bad that whenever I came first in school, no one congratulated me. Instead, they used to ask, “Why can’t you come zeroth (0th) like your sister??” 😀

I’m just kidding, but you get the general idea…

I grew up to realize that she’s not perfect, but she’s human. The best kind of human… And the sunlight that shone from her ass was just a reflection from the sun and not the actual sun itself.

I’m grateful to God for giving me a sister like her who never tires of listening to me rant. She never judges me, she still takes care of me and pretends to not notice when I steal take borrow her money and her clothes.

God bless you dear sister!! Amen… HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!

I wanted to put up the ugliest picture that I have of her to make myself feel better, but what’s the point? It won’t make my hair grow back or reduce the size of my ogor… 🙁


16 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Nne!!!

  1. Happy birthday dearie…wish you da best…you are a wonderful friend and sister…God will surprise you with a beautiful gift and d best gift God gave you is a kid sister like Ngozi…she is da bomb and i wish i had a kid sister like her.have fun and rock your day

  2. Awww…isn’t this sweet! (Nne don’t be deceived, I have Ngozi’s list of things to do to you before you’re 80 & it aint pretty) 😀
    Happy Birthday Nne! Here’s hoping you’ll get that Visa soon and get very far from Ngozi…just kidding o!

    Ngozi I was kidding Ooº°˚˚°ºoOOoº°˚˚°ºoO!

  3. Happy birthday to Big Sis. I remember her from secondary school and thinking she was just like my own big sis (another black baby Jesus). Wishing her long life and lotsa money to replace all the stuff you “borro-stole”

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