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It’s been a while… five days to be precise. And a lot has happened in that time. I had planned on coming here to lie about how busy I’ve been this past week but there’s no point. The truth is that I tried to effect some necessary changes on my website and managed to make a complete mess of everything. I activated some things and deactivated some others and ended up with a Christian Gardening porn site. Finally, I let down my pride, called for help and got everything sorted out. However, for now, please ignore any pop-up ads that say things like “CLICK HERE TO BEND OVER AND TOUCH YOUR TOES!!!” 😉

Anyway, social media was all about GEJ on Wednesday. I heard about his interview during which he said we have more electricity than we know what to do with. In fact, I understand that Eby gave Amanpour the impression that there is so much power everywhere in the country that the average Nigerian is full of static electricity, and when we rub against one another, we give off sparks.

I couldn’t watch it because there was no power in my area… for two days straight!!

People also complained about the way he spoke. Personally, I’m grateful to Jah that it wasn’t the Dame herself who was interviewed. Imagine how many Nigerians would have had to change nationality after hearing her talk about “all the barrel of containers of crude that is stealed per day” or how “poorness is the root cause of the book haram terrorists that are terrifying the terrorized citizen of our nation”. Poor Amanpour would’ve been reminded of the days when she used to cover the war in Iraq, dodging shells and bullets.

I ended up watching bits of it the next day though and it wasn’t completely terrible…

In other news, it seems our boys aren’t faring too well at AFCON. I’m really not interested. I’m not interested but I know when a match is being played because along my street, young boys gather outside barbers shops and restaurants and bars to watch the match through an open window. So drivers have to honk repeatedly for the boys to clear the road before they can drive past. I always imagine having a car or a lorry and just running them over and using them as speed bumps… then I realise that thoughts like that are the main reason God hasn’t given me a car 🙁

The last time I watched one of those Nations Cup matches was many years ago (in 2000 A.D.) when we got to the finals and played Cameroon… I was much younger then and in those days I used to watch football for the love of the game. At that time, for me, it wasn’t about hot sweaty players with thick muscular thighs and rock-hard abs that we got see whenever they pulled their jersey over their head. #sigh!#

We lost that game on penalties and it literally scarred me for life. I wept like I was related to one of the players or like I was dating the coach. Even my parents were worried cos of how I took it… I don’t know if I can handle that kind of trauma again. Anyway, I’ve read all sorts of comments on the players and their coach and the truth is, no matter how badly we diss our team,  we all want Nigeria to do well, and we want desperately to win. But we’re afraid to hope so that we don’t get our hearts broken. Let’s keep our fingers crossed and still hope for the best ok?… We should NEVER be afraid to hope for the best (and I don’t mean in only football matches and HIV tests).


12 thoughts on “Click Here!!!

    • I guess that had something to do with it too… the guy looked like he was frozen.
      But I like that he’s soft-spoken, he’s not loud or brash and is actually intelligent enough to dodge questions he doesn’t want to answer without sounding like a complete moron.

  1. The president is an original Nigerian ni99a!! He aint gonna tell nobody we got no constant “ELECTRICITY”. U 1 fall our HAND??!!! Well as 4 the super eagle who are just eagles now(lost their cape) we are still hopeful.

  2. Didn’t watch the interview…(thank You Lord)…So I’ll take your humorous details & laugh it off.

    Well tonight’s the night….Eagles may soar or crash…I’ll watch em any way, by PHCN or ‘I pass my neighbor!’ One way or the other, I’ll live through it & satellites will picture Naija aglow.

  3. Truth be told, the interview wasn’t bad; it was to short to judge. For me, the problem was his general appearance and he seemed to lack dignity…….oh well…bla bla.
    As for the super Eagles, please let’s support them, I know why…

    • My dear, we should support the Super Eagles… we don’t need a reason to!
      And as for Eby’s interview, he has always looked like that and like I said, thank God it wasn’t Patience 🙁

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