Pounded yam poem

It’s me again.

I wrote this months ago. I shared it on Twitter and just decided to share it here. It’s not a serious poem…


You ever do the stupid love?

The kind where you’re trying to out-love the other person?

There are no limits to what you can do… 

You read those pounding yam tweets and lol in your mind. 

Ordinary pounding? Ees nuffin’.

Your belly is filled with the knowing that you put that smile on his face.

What is ordinary pounding?

He said, “I wish I had XYZ”.

The timing is perfect because you just got money. Bills can wait. 

Your belly needs filling.

Your friends don’t know.

They don’t understand. They calculate too much… always wanting to know how much yam he has pounded for you.

Things are tough. Mortar is leaking, pestle is broken. One day, he will pound. 

They don’t understand. 

He’s chatting with Temi.

Their chats are getting hot and heavy. 

He’s using his good spelling. And he’s talking about yam! He’s talking like he can pound.

You’re angry but you can’t help but wonder… were there lumps in your yam?

You set the whole damn barn on fire. 

Nobody will kuku get yam… freshly pounded, boiled or poundo. Nothing.

Then your eyes clear and the fire dies down.

He says, “You see… it’s this typa shit that makes me not pound yam for you.”

My Adjei Experience…

I live a very boring life. I don’t think I’m a boring person o… I just can’t afford to live the jet-setting, champagne-popping life that I think I am destined to live. My life is so uneventful that whenever I open my Uber app, before I type in the destination, only two addresses pop up; my church address and a friend’s office.

When there’s food at home, I can go days holed up in my room. Sometimes, to get fresh air and prove to my neighbours that I’m alive, I take an evening walk to one of the neighbourhood supermarkets where I am mistaken for a shop attendant and people ask me to help them find stuff. I have about four red t-shirts. Two of them are old and a bit worn so I use those for market runs, workouts and these long walks to the supermarket. Coincidentally, the supermarket staff also wear red t-shirts and that’s how I get tapped on the shoulder and asked where the powdered milk is.

Anyway, you know all the major life experiences right? The ones you’re expected to have in the course of your life;

  • Graduate.
  • Fall in love for the first, second or third time.
  • Publish your first book. Start your own company.
  • Get a chloroform-soaked towel, find a (single) man who gets your jokes and drag him down the alter.
  • Have said man’s babies. Celebrate babies’ birthdays, graduation ceremonies, etc

As amazing as these experiences are, they are planned. You only know they are amazing because other people have told you about them.

An adjei experience is one that you don’t plan for. It is unexpected because you’re too cool for shit like that to happen to you. You’re too cool, too careful, living safe with your Uber church address. But the adjei experience… because it is so unexpected you are not prepared for how powerful it is, and this makes it all the more unforgettable.